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The light is so powerful that it is able to irradiate the whole world.

Consistency and persistence are two main things to become strong.

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Speaking Up!

I have noticed something worrying about the dynamics in day to day execution of our living. People especially adults are nervous about telling people when things do not feel right because there is a culture of being labelled as a ‘snitch’ or ‘grass’ or ‘tell-tale’. So people are learning to keep quiet, not saying out loud… Continue reading Speaking Up!

Window Period.

Bible Readings: Genesis 22-23, Mark 8 vs 22-26 and Mark 5 vs 27-30. Faith and patience when clearly referred to contextual meaning have inter-twined meaning ,they pose to have similar attributes. Faith is defined as strong belief in the doctrines of a religion, based on spiritual conviction rather than proof. And on the other end… Continue reading Window Period.


Originally posted on Munya Daily Motives:
Bible Reading: Deuteronomy 28 vs 1-13 The Book of Deuteronomy from Greek meaning means “the words” and it basically constitutes speeches that were conducted by Moses before entering the promised land. Here l directly quote the first verse from Deuteronomy 28 vs 1-13 “1.If you fully obey the LORD…

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